We put people at the heart of everything…

The Centre for Civic Innovation is a pioneering citizen-centred design team within Glasgow City Council, responsible for establishing a design-led approach to the understanding of societal shifts and civic experiences within the city.

Our vision is to inspire and engage the citizens of Glasgow to create a better future for everybody.

Our vision is to inspire Glasgow to create a better future for everybody.

The current model for delivering public services is grounded in underlying assumptions and is subject to changing demands from citizens. As a city we need to find new, creative and innovative ways to solve our challenges.

At the Centre for Civic Innovation we are developing and inspiring a network of designers and solvers across the breadth of the city to enthuse and empower our citizens to co-design the city they want to live in.

Our vision


Understanding Child Poverty

Understanding Child Poverty across Glasgow…

Ending homelessness

Ending homelessness across Europe…

Independent Living

Independent Living: Open Innovation Challenge…

Supporting our citizens

Supporting our citizens during Covid-19…

Collaborative Futures

Collaborative Futures…

Climate Change

Climate Change Open Innovation Challenge...

A Network of Solvers

A key aspect of our methodology is collaboration.
We believe passionately that by using the expertise in the city and beyond – from citizens, public sector, academia and industry – and focusing their expertise, knowledge and motivation on making the city a better place for its people we can, and will, make a real difference to people’s lives.

This is not about developing new work streams for the sake of it, rather it is about using the world-leading knowledge and skills in design, data and innovation at our disposal and collaborating with colleagues and citizens to make a real and lasting impact in our own city.